Five of the Best Clocks for your Living Room

Compact and bijoux, spacious, minimalist, open plan, colourful, retro...whatever your lounge interiors say, a decorative wall clock is the perfect way to add a statement focal point to the room. We’ve put together our top 5 wall clocks, as chosen by the Jones clocks team. Read on to find out more...
Lucy, Key Account Merchadiser
My house is a mix of vintage, modern and upcycling projects. I like to pick individual pieces for each room and style them up in different ways to create an eclectic mix of interiors. I decided on the square Shack wall clock for my lounge. I love the charcoal dial and unique square case. It works perfectly with my grey floral velvet sofa - and makes a good focal point as soon as you walk in!
 Square wall clock with black dial best lounge clocks by Jones clocks
Sian, Sales 
With three children, the lounge is the place we like to all congregate in in the evening, before the kids go to bed. My interior style is classic with modern pieces thrown in. For our lounge I chose the Film wall clock with a cream case and numeral dial. It’s traditional and modern at the same time. Plus the easy-to-read dial helps the kids with learning to tell the time!
Large cream wall clock numeral dial best lounge clocks by Jones clocks
Hannah, Supply Chain 
We’ve just moved into a new house and the first thing we decorated was the lounge, as it’s the place we spend most of our time. I like Scandi-style interiors and like to keep things simple. That’s why we’ve got the Studio clock with a white dial and plywood case. It’s minimalist and neutral, making the perfect chic focal point on the wall.
 Scandi-style compact minimalist wall clock best lounge clocks by Jones clocks
Amy, Marketing Manager 
I opted for the large Supermoon clock in silver for my lounge. The wall space isn’t that big but I wanted to make a style statement! My interior style is modern and minimalist, so the silver case matches perfectly with this aesthetic. I also love the contrasting black dial. 
 Large silver wall clock with black dial best lounge clocks by Jones clocks
Jo, Designer 
My interior style is classic and traditional. So for our lounge we chose the Venetian wall clock with a Roman numeral dial. In fact all the clocks in our house have Roman numeral dials! I love the grey case and mix of gold hands to give it a modern update. 
Large roman numeral dial wall clock best lounge clocks by Jones clocks
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